1. Travelers should note that very wide temperature fluctuations are common for Arizona. If the day is generally hot, then at night it is frosty. Such fluctuations are especially observed in the desert areas of the state. Going on a trip be sure to take warm clothes and shoes with you.
2. All major cities have restaurants of different traditions. Typical American restaurants dominate in the capital and Tucson; European restaurants are slowly gaining popularity.
3. Mains voltage is 110V, so some appliances may require special adapters. It is recommended to look for them even before you go to avoid wasting precious time looking for specialized stores.
4. Indigenous peoples can communicate not only in English, but also in Spanish; Many locals know this. Hotel and large restaurant employees often speak other languages as well.
5. Tourists hoping to serve local diners should consider that tipping is mandatory. The size of the tip depends on the status of the restaurant and can be up to 25% of the total; A tip of less than 15% is simply indecent.

6. Many foreign visitors can notice the smiles that are literally plastered on the faces of the locals. Do not take it as an unlimited desire to mingle with new friends, but as a common gesture of courtesy, which is recommended for foreign guests as well.
7. Those hoping to travel around the state are highly recommended to rent a car. You can reach some remote areas of Arizona only by private car; The quality of local roads will surprise even the discerning motorist. It is also worth mentioning that there are almost no traffic jams on local roads.
Arizona Cultural Landmarks Tour – ‘Must See’ Points of Interest Traveling through the territory of the southern state, it is difficult to imagine that incredible cultural and historical sites are hidden among desert landscapes.
8. Tourists are recommended to explore remote areas of the state with a guide. Even though Arizona is a fairly calm state, there could be some misunderstandings between people of different nationalities.