Traveling with a paper map may seem like an unusual choice in the digital age we live in. However, many adventurers and travel lovers still find charm and usefulness in paper maps. Whether you’re exploring an unknown city or venturing into a remote region, carrying a paper map can give you a sense of adventure and autonomy. In this blog, you’ll discover tips and tricks to make the most of your trip with a paper map.


Before you begin your adventure, be sure to select a map suitable for your destination. You can find detailed maps of cities, regions or even entire countries. Opt for good quality, up-to-date maps that are easy to read and contain relevant information such as points of interest, main streets and public transport.

Get familiar with the map:
Before you set out on your trip, take time to study the map. Look at the different colors, symbols and legends to understand how information is represented on the map. Identify key locations, such as monuments, parks, train stations and airports, to get a clear idea of your surroundings.



Use the paper map to plot your route and plan your activities. Mark the points of interest you want to visit and draw a line between them to visualize your itinerary. Make sure you take into account the distances and means of transportation available to get from one place to another.

Complement your paper map with other sources of information. You can take a travel guide with you, which will give you details on recommended places to eat, accommodation and tourist attractions. You can also research online before your trip to get up-to-date information on events, transportation schedules, and local recommendations.

Orient yourself on the terrain:
Once you’re at your destination, use visible landmarks on the ground to orient yourself with your map. Identify nearby buildings, monuments or geographical features to correctly locate yourself on the map. You can also ask locals for directions, which can lead you to discover hidden and authentic places.

Take advantage of the advantages of the paper map:
Traveling with a paper map has its advantages. You do not depend on the Internet connection, you do not worry about the battery of your device and you can have a more immersive and authentic experience. Plus, consulting a physical map can be a fun way to interact with your surroundings and feel connected to the culture and history of the place you’re exploring.

Traveling with a paper map can be a rewarding and exciting experience. Although we live in a digital world, carrying a physical map allows you to immerse yourself in adventure and discover new places in a unique way. Follow these tips and enjoy the freedom and independence that a paper map offers during your travels.

May you have great adventures and cartographic discoveries on your next journeys!